October 17, 2016

So its a new week and for me that brings a hectic monday with quite a lot going on including my Landlord coming to visit followed by a hearing test with a specialist at the Hospital. I am hopeful that I might find some time for poetry amongst that as I have so many ideas that need some attention. I hope you all have a great week. KT

October 12, 2016

So today I became a War Pensioner, back dated to January this year (2016). I have to say that it feels very odd at my tender age of 50 and something I never envisaged would happen to me when I joined the British Army at 16 years old. I guess that means I can officially tell war stories in the pub...or perhaps I can just put it all behind me now and move forward with my life. I would like to thank Lisa for all her support over the last year or so as I anguished over the paperwork and endless medical appointments. 

October 11, 2016

This morning the world looked bright and crisp, through my drug fogged haze as I woke.  I wonder when I will ever quench this eternal thirst. Am I becoming obsessed with my poetry or is my poetry becoming obsessed with me? 

October 11, 2016

These ladders seem so very short

The snakes so very long

I roll the dice quite frequently

But often roll it wrong

The upper rows eluding me

Its like I don’t belong

So now I’m hoping for a six

Then I can move along


October 9, 2016

There’s a big Oak tree

Not far from me

It dominates the ground

Its stands so tall

Above us all

It never makes a sound

There’s a big Oak tree

Not far from me

Its sight a wondrous thing

I scan its trunk

And branches too

It’s strangely comforting

There’s a big Oak tree

Not far from me

Its bark is green and grey

With nooks and crannies


In splendid disarray

There’s a big Oak tree

Not far from me

Its roots run very far

Long Fingers clinging

To the earth

The pattern quite bizarre

There’s a big Oak tree

Not far from me

With branches all abound

They twist and turn

So wildly

They’re reaching all around

There’s a big Oak tree

Not far from me

With initials etched to see

I look up close

But can’t make out

The ones before KT


October 2, 2016

There is a place quite far away

A place that we can see

Its darkened shape so obvious

The Sea of Tranquility

I’d love to go and visit there

I hear it’s quite a climb

I'd smile bigger than the moon

Then leave footsteps for all time


September 30, 2016

My soul is dark and full of pain

Can you capture it

Enrapture it

Can you shield it from the rain

My heart is cold

My brain is bruised

My shadow gone

My mind abused

My burdens heavy

My life so lost

My back is broken

My soul the cost

My sight is blurring

My eyes lost sight

My feelings numb

My hands clench tight

My stomach burning

My lungs so bare

My body dying

My need of care

My soul is dark and full of pain

Can you capture it

Enrapture it

Can you shield it from the rain

Please shield it from the rain


September 29, 2016

Round and round and up and down

That daddy long legs goes

Where on earth it's going to land

Is something no one knows!


September 26, 2016

What is the point

I just can’t see

I just don’t trust


Your party line

I do resent

It’s not my thoughts

You represent

Why don’t you ask

Before you deal

I’d like to tell you

How I feel

But worst of all


What’s good for you

Not good for me

A lifetime wage

A second home

The taxpayer

Can buy your gnome

Your skin so thick

It’s bullet proof

I guess that’s why

You’re so aloof

You’re arrogant

And pompous too

I shall not vote

Well not for you

I’ll bide my time

Perhaps one day

A better system

Can make headway

Avoid the questions

Tow the line

Your politics

So clandestine


September 22, 2016

My top floor window

A narrow view

It lets me see the sky so blue

A wave of clouds

Way up high

A hundred miles up in the sky

Lined up chimney’s

Atop each roof

Pigeons sitting all aloof

Just two tree tops

Quite far away

Dark green leaves gently sway

A single pylon

Brings power to me

The power that I need to see

Fourteen windows

All curtain clad

They make a house look very sad

Garden sheds

Just three to see

Never much activity

A single Magpie

He seems obsessed

Perhaps he’s looking for a nest

Now you can see

Not much to say

It doesn’t differ much each day

One thing missing

Missing from view

Oh yes my friend, that thing is you


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