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November 29, 2019

I see your feather floating by 

It’s journey up 

Toward the sky 

No need for words 

No need for why 


It’s journey left

It’s journey right 


It gathers height 

Then meets its angel 

Shining bright 


I see your feather climbing high 

It’s float so light 

As it comes by 

I think of you 

Our last goodbye 



Skies upon skies   

November 28, 2019

I lay here on the desert floor 

No man made light to see

The night sky so incredible 

Just like a diamond sea 


The satellites come slowly by 

The moon lights up the land

So many stars that I’ve not seen 

Reflecting in the sand 


The desert is a deadly place 

By day there’s nothing there 

It’s treasure only comes at night 

When you can lay and stare 




November 26, 2019

Here I grew as a wee boy

This place beside the sea 

The south west corner of our land 

A Cornish mystery 

Where tide could bring the devils breath 

Then calm so heavenly 

So many things are different now 

But not my memory 

So, if you happen by this place 

Take time to stop and see 

Just why I still adore it so 

Just what it means to me 




November 21, 2019

We all have hope 

We all have dreams 

But fear envelopes silence 

The overwhelming nothingness

When silence becomes violence


We all need love 

We don’t need hate 

But thought will need reliance 

Our overwhelming trustfulness 

When silence means defiance 



Oh Lord

November 14, 2019

Turn your blood into red wine 

Then make two fish turn into nine 

Share the bread 

The bread that’s mine 

Oh my god it’s so divine 


For god is so Divine 


This God, that God, which are you?

You’ve written down what I should do 

Read your book 

Insides the clue 

But how am I to know that’s true? 


For are you really true? 


Death surrounds me everywhere

I’m left to ask how could you care

Can I ask?

Are you aware?

Of all the pain you like to share


Divine pain you can share



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