Winds of our time
Winds of our time

The autumn winds blow past the trees
Gathering pace through greenest fields
Crossing river, canal, and busy roads
Past all the buildings in the town
Before striking the inscribed wall
Touching each, and every name
Those names carefully placed in order
Each one a record of a life
A life long since gone
That ended in brutality
That ended in war

Each soul had carried away on the breeze
Each breeze then grew and grew
So that each year the memories of those days
Can touch us all, reminding us
Of how the most precious thing can be lost
Of why we all of us deserve freedom
That we must hold on to ourselves
Walk those paths in the woods
Climb over greenest hills
Meander down coastal lanes
Wonder at the clear blue sky
As that autumn wind touches our skin


Who are you?
Who are you?

When a man can take a woman
Then stab her with his sin
To end her life in suffering
Just where can man begin
As all of us consume our fear
Control our inner rage
To find those men and knock them down
That’s not our modern age
But how does evil grow in us
What takes our care of man?
Just when do people cross that line
When do they start to plan
A judgement of the inner soul
Against a younger past
Are what can drive the demon on
Until it’s free at last
It’s therefore up to all of us
To break down stubborn pride
Then look at people carefully
As that’s where demons hide



Your heartbeats only beat for life
They never beat for love
Everything you ever feel
Disguised inside your glove
As harmonies disharmonies
You dance the amidst the stars
But take a look beneath your skin
Where all you’ll see are scars
The scars of all those memories
Those hate fuelled days so rough
When all you thought was wanting more
Though more was not enough
Despite your thinking you’re unseen
Each time another clue
To let us know what you desire
When what you’ve got won’t do


Concrete wall
Concrete wall

The once bright candle flickers dim
The white wax melts deep red
The dawning of the suffering
The non-stop fear and dread
As love of life rescinds all hope
Where thought becomes a crime
The avenues now alleyways
The backwards fall of time
As souls on souls are beckoning
Their arms outstretched in pain
While metal angels fly the sky
Let’s pray they come again
As concrete walls obey the whip
Machine guns judge the blame
Where women cower from the hate
The sadness and the shame


Far and near
Far and near


The darkened clouds now race back in
All daylight leaves the plain
For twenty years of promises
Forgot amidst the pain

The bombs and bullets scream out loud
The government now gone
For twenty years of promises
Seem like the cruellest con

The women hide behind the blue
The children question why
For twenty years of promises
Turned out to be a lie


They sit and stare beneath the sun
They fret for yesterdays
For twenty years of promises
Now tarnish all the praise

They stare at medals on the side
Reflect on friends they’ve lost
For twenty years of promises
They can’t forget the cost

The fast descent to inner gloom
Not much to catch the fall
For twenty years of promises
Had sadly meant fuck all



The coal filled shovel swings on by
Then launches all its coal
It flies into the burning pyre
That’s just inside the hole
The yellow, red and orange too
The devils hallowed ground
The roar of heat awakening
Its low pitched humming sound
As water boils above the fire
It turns itself to steam
Then travels through the nuts and cogs
As metal starts to scream
The moistened air unbearable
There’s nothing left to breathe
The train that lives inside my brain
Is the thing that makes me seethe