Bean Hill Road
Bean Hill Road

The lightest dusting flakes of snow
Lay on the green grass floor
The evergreens are standing proud
As the hill hides many more
Two valleys I see to the north
The sky a powder blue
No clouds to float by lazily
A deer comes into view

It wanders round in front of me
Then chews the near ice grass
There is no sound, nothing to hear
Not even from the pass
Then nightfall brings so many stars
Coyotes howl nearby
Amidst the coldest cold of winds
Where nature seems not shy

This sanctuary for loving life
With outstretched arms of peace
My days on here are getting short
I wish they’d never cease
Goodbye Bean Hill my dear old friend
Again, you’ve filled my heart
With happiness and wonderment
Your natures work of art


Faraway Christmas
Faraway Christmas

I sat there beneath the winter sun
The cold wind blowing through my bones
My view blocked by military buildings
It was still very early that day
The camp was oddly quiet
Christmas Day had started far too sedately for me
I’d become used to the maddening excitement
Children being awash with joy
Stockings now just debris in a sea of fun
Carols playing
My family, our family, your family
All of you holding, hugging and thanking one another
Opening presents and adoring your favourite one
The wonderful aroma of cinnamon
Those very brief interludes of silence
Thinking about Mary and Joseph
Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh
The birth of Jesus
Beginning to panic about the dinner
Opening the wine, port, or brandy
Smiles, giggles, and laughter
I pause for a moment
Love, kindness, and caring
I pause once more
Then I wish upon wish that I could be there
Oh, how I miss you all
Oh, how much I want to celebrate
Oh, I hope next Christmas I may be home
But, alas, once again this year we are lands away
Separated by the vastness of time
Where a mile is a galaxy away
Yet we are linked by our spiritual connection
I reach out to touch you
To feel each of you
Then I smile
Before whispering in each ear
Happy Christmas


Unhidden feelings
Unhidden feelings

Have you got that love for me?
Like I have got for you
I’d like to ask you if you feel
The same way as I do

The finest fragrance in the land
That floats around my head
Trees and flowers blossoming
A field of roses red
Sparkling stars surround the sun
The oceans brightest blue
A mass of tiny butterflies
That dance like moonlit dew
Our favourite song, a melody
I sense your heart with mine
You have a pillow on my bed
Our cotton sheets divine
Your skin is like a brand new peach
The contours up and down
Those eyes are like a coral sea
I’d climb inside and drown

Now you know just how I feel
I sense that you won’t show
How right I am about these things
These things I hoped you’d know


Winds of our time
Winds of our time

The autumn winds blow past the trees
Gathering pace through greenest fields
Crossing river, canal, and busy roads
Past all the buildings in the town
Before striking the inscribed wall
Touching each, and every name
Those names carefully placed in order
Each one a record of a life
A life long since gone
That ended in brutality
That ended in war

Each soul had carried away on the breeze
Each breeze then grew and grew
So that each year the memories of those days
Can touch us all, reminding us
Of how the most precious thing can be lost
Of why we all of us deserve freedom
That we must hold on to ourselves
Walk those paths in the woods
Climb over greenest hills
Meander down coastal lanes
Wonder at the clear blue sky
As that autumn wind touches our skin


Who are you?
Who are you?

When a man can take a woman
Then stab her with his sin
To end her life in suffering
Just where can man begin
As all of us consume our fear
Control our inner rage
To find those men and knock them down
That’s not our modern age
But how does evil grow in us
What takes our care of man?
Just when do people cross that line
When do they start to plan
A judgement of the inner soul
Against a younger past
Are what can drive the demon on
Until it’s free at last
It’s therefore up to all of us
To break down stubborn pride
Then look at people carefully
As that’s where demons hide



Your heartbeats only beat for life
They never beat for love
Everything you ever feel
Disguised inside your glove
As harmonies disharmonies
You dance the amidst the stars
But take a look beneath your skin
Where all you’ll see are scars
The scars of all those memories
Those hate fuelled days so rough
When all you thought was wanting more
Though more was not enough
Despite your thinking you’re unseen
Each time another clue
To let us know what you desire
When what you’ve got won’t do