Deathly silent

July 30, 2020

The voices have now disappeared 

Our link with life destroyed 

The prisons are now full of pain 

Yet sink into the void 

The void of voices quietening 

As speech is now so wrong 

Where listening is all there is 

Can you hear me? 

Can you hear me? 

Can you hear me in Hong Kong? 



The 7 day Judas

July 23, 2020

The thirty eight was difficult

The thirty nine so hard

The forty, that, was something else!

It left the surface charred


The in and out of consciousness

The nothing making sense

Everywhere that bone meets bone

The pain it brings intense


The water running over skin

The droplets from each pore

Fluid streaming from each eye

A fever pitch of war


The first of calls for help ignored

The second just the same

The Judas of this Covid world

Where doctors point in blame


Those seven days and seven nights

Those seven trips to Hell

The seven days of loneliness

Inside the Covid spell




July 09, 2020


Something sees the things I see 

The things I just don’t see 

For these are things asleep in me

I see unconsciously 

It seems they shape the things I see 

Before I even see 

No matter of my conscious plea 

I’m biased but can’t see! 



It shouldn’t be like this 

June 26, 2020

The magnitude of ignorance 

The magnitude of crime 

A death that travelled round the world 

A death now stamped in time 

A death that summoned up that word 

The word that we all fear 

A word that has no shade of white 

A word I often hear 

For crime is crime no matter what 

No matter where or who 

To hide the crime by racial shout 

Is something I won’t do 


The magnitude of solitude 

The magnitude of hate 

A death it seems that I’m linked to 

Or that’s what you dictate 

Yet I’m the racist so I’m told 

Because I am not black 

Although you see simplicity 

It’s crime you should attack 

So, please don’t mask these things with race 

We all deserve a chance 

Take a look more carefully 

Beyond that racial glance 


The magnitude of sticks and stones 

The magnitude of claim 

When an evil man commits a crime 

His evil is to blame 

Don’t tarnish crime with colour 

Nor with that persons role 

As evil men are colour blind 

As they’ve an evil soul 

So please protest for what you need 

Don’t label us the same 

As evil men are evil men 

And that’s the real shame 



Compass error 

June 14, 2020

When the compass swings off balance 

When its needle finds no home 

When it slowly spins around and around 

It blurs to monochrome 

But when placed by a magnet 

The needle now holds true 

But not to North as you may want 

The magnet holds its view 

It’s just the same with things of man 

When confusion masks the keys 

The magnet man will come along 

To show you what he sees 

As he wants you to look one way 

And never have your choice 

Controlling what you see and think 

Then mimicking your voice 



Hiding happiness 

May 30, 2020

Deep down in my poetry 

I see you hiding there 

Hating all the things I write 

Chastising what I share 


You want to hide all that I am 

To guard the way I’m seen

As you can’t cope with negatives 

Or things that aren’t serene 


As you’re the lie in all of us 

Pretending happiness 

As anything that doesn’t smile 

Is dreary haplessness 


So, hideaway and bitch at me 

Continue fighting misery 

Replacing words of memory

Whilst I record the things I see



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