Hiding happiness 

May 30, 2020

Deep down in my poetry 

I see you hiding there 

Hating all the things I write 

Chastising what I share 


You want to hide all that I am 

To guard the way I’m seen

As you can’t cope with negatives 

Or things that aren’t serene 


As you’re the lie in all of us 

Pretending happiness 

As anything that doesn’t smile 

Is dreary haplessness 


So, hideaway and bitch at me 

Continue fighting misery 

Replacing words of memory

Whilst I record the things I see



Dilly Dally 

May 18, 2020

My dilly dally through the day 

No one to greet, nothing to say 

But I can marvel, I can shine 

At dawn I share our world divine 

The chorus at my garden gate 

No angry engines sound of hate 

No chatter past my garden wall 

Nor children screaming at it all 

This peacefulness is silent love 

A blessing from the skies above 

As earth negates its carbon death 

Each new day a life fuelled breath 

I stand and smile in my room 

No need for mire nor for gloom 

As oddly this is my life’s dream 

As Mother Nature stops her scream 

These dilly dally days now mine 

Today is when my stars align 

As fear will only bring me down 

Sorest thoughts in which I’d drown 

This life is one to see and hear 

No need for touch, no need for fear 

Just take a moment, look and see 

How nature sings so joyfully 

No need to see things from afar

Just be the nature that you are 

Then smile a smile gorgeously 

Be one with nature, bright and free



White Roses

May 09, 2020

You gave me ten white roses 

With thorns of ice cold steel 

The stems so long and strangling

Like barbed wire casing me 

Starving me of sight 

My arms trapped by my side 

Unable to walk or think 

But oh, they looked so beautiful

My friends all told you so 

They marvelled at the way you were

Rejoiced at all you said 

Ignoring all my pleas for help 

Each lie a brand new thorn 

Ripping deep into my flesh 


My only sense then one of sound 

I’d hear your name over and over

With jealous overtones 

Your mocking me time and time again 

Them praising you for your kindness 

For looking after my heart 

For having to put up with all my flaws 

Flaws that were flawed as they didn’t exist 

They were simply lies within lies 


The rose stems started strangling 

But slowly then gave way 

White petals falling everywhere 

Thorns crumbling to rusted ridden dust 

Senses slowly retuning 

The feelings in my hands 

Slowly, tentatively I tried to move 

The wires fell to the floor 

Followed by me sinking to my knees 

Energy surging painfully 

Toward fingertips and toes 

Contorting my body violently 

Breathing deeper breaths than whales 

Hearing sounds like a wild dog 

Seeing further than a soaring eagle 

Smelling the air like a snake 

Reaching out like a new born child 

My mind overwhelmed with why 



I heard a clamouring of voices 

I turned to my side to see 

There in the distance it was you  

Handing ten roses to a man I couldn’t see

With some of my friends applauding 

Cheering you on, whilst clothed in whitest wool

Then friendly arms surrounded me

They helped me get to my feet 

Nursed my fevered brow 

They encouraged me with kindness

As I took one last look 

At ten white roses 



75 Years

January 08, 2020

I have spent the past few weeks working on a short film to mark VE Day. Its been quite a busy time but everything finally fell into place yesterday evening.

If you press the the image of Big Ben you will be able to watch the film and hear my poem.

Blue Room

April 27, 2020

I found pain and I found hope 

Entwines inside my mind 

With the care unaware 

Of what’s happening there 

My blue room 





I was not all I could be 

The blinding lights so blind 

There’s no care anywhere 

People stop and they stare 

My blue room 





I try hard to reach you all 

I know you’re all so kind 

But my care will not dare 

As its hides everywhere 

My blue room 





I love life and I love you 

Some days my life’s a bind 

To be fair I will share 

Many words from my chair 

My blue room 






Is this my future?  

April 18, 2020

Empty streets and boulevards 

Rainfall clouds 

And raining shards 

Darkened cafes everywhere 

Lonely people 

Stop to stare 


How will I get back to you? 

I want you 

I want you 


Daylight seems to stop my time 

Living life 

Now seems a crime 

No one here and no one there 

How can I 

Defeat despair 


How can I get back to you? 

I want you 

I want you 


Dreary days and deathly night 

Missing you 

No holding tight 

Loneliness, oh, loneliness 

Touching you 

No tenderness 


How can I get back to you? 

I miss you 

I want you 

I need you 



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