Zero three thirty eight
Zero three thirty eight

The pitch of black now turning grey
With each and every blink
The strength of sound incredible
A droplet hits the sink
The clock that seems so motionless
Displays the saddened state
The middle gone, the early here
But still, I’d say it’s late
The solitude of sleeplessness
Whilst you’ve all gone away
To play inside your dream filled minds
Where night turns into day
My pillow is a sunken debt
This mattress full of hate
I’m far too hot but then I’m cold
I’ve three more hours to wait
Oh please, oh please, just let me sleep
Those thoughts just make it worse
As now I’m wrapped in itchiness
I hate the night time curse



The poisoning has now begun
Not the virus, nor the gun
This, the brainwash, hit the mind
For we don’t like you, nor your kind

Drop your bombs
The bombs of hate
Blame us all
Then desecrate

Discard the symbols, mock the sign
Spiteful words, maligning mine
See the future, true and fair
With lack of thought, or lack of care

Smash the firm
Then scribe the wall
Spill the angers
To watch the fall

Dream the dream that hatred found
Scorch the earth, and dye the ground
Play the tune the rich man paid
Before you realise, you’ve been played



Each year you hope will better last
As your dreams continue rolling forward
Your desires remain unfulfilled
Each new heartbeat replacing the last
That new smile causing a deeper line
Another sigh extends that ever growing frown
Every breath moving you further from the start
Each moment of sleep seeming less glorious than the one before
You worry when you’ve no need to
As you begin to understand
That nothing is ever as you wish
Nothing will ever match that dream
That your life is not measurable
It shouldn’t be one of comparison
Nor qualified by collectibles
Stamps in passports are simply stamps
It’s the memories that count a hundred fold
When you smile inside as well as out
When you can sense your soul skip inside your mind
As it dances amidst the recordings of the past
Whilst you feel a sense of love
Not a love for what you’ve got
But a love of what you’ve had



I must have missed the sunset
Has sunrise ever been
Today’s a day of awkwardness
I see the nothing seen

For I’ve no home inside this home
Its doorways hide the tale
That nothing seems as though it seems
I’m stuck inside the whale
Whose whaled walls aren’t touchable
Where darkness hides the dark
The echoed cries of every breath
Each stumbled fall so stark
This tepid air through tardy cloth
My sense of feeling wrong
That I’m the cause of everything
A virus can’t belong

I try to be the me I should
To reach the freshest air
But hope is fading far too fast
I’m lost in my despair