The cable covers weathered worn
The wires are bare to air
The Earth now seems so very old
The live shows signs of wear

Each joint is hanging by a thread
The wires briefly spark
The fuse now breaks inside the glass
Then in comes darkest dark


Nothing but dirt
Nothing but dirt

Everywhere the darkened grey
Amidst the burning fire
As everything they ever knew
Now fuels the dreadful pyre
Because when hell comes from the deep
With noise that knows no shame
The dreadful days last evermore
Amidst the snipers aim
As fuel and food have long since gone
Where basements lack in air
The misery of wanting God
To end this deep despair
Because they wait amongst their friends
All frightened of the red
As letters, banners, flags and more
Turn lifelong into dead
As smoking mist now creeps along
It’s journey on the breeze
Behind it brings another fear
The fear of wars disease
Along with noise of metal tracks
Beside the engines roar
The soldier’s footsteps everywhere
That mark this dreadful war
It’s solitude that breaks the heart
The emptiness of love
As hell itself is whirling round
Upon the ground above
Whilst nothing seems to stem the tide
It’s difficult to cope
Because the demon dogs of war
Extinguish thoughts of hope



Once again where East meets West
Metallic clouds descend
Where power is the driving force
Where will the despot end
As metal shards tear into flesh
The mass of endings cruel
As time and time and time again
One man lays claim to rule
But in the west we hold the blame
Our liberal doors ajar
Because the twitching eyes look on
They’ve watched us from afar
So sit at home with your pronouns
Then talk of dreadful fear
As what we are is what’s at fault
The jealous man’s austere



I’m focussed on the positives
Whilst all they see are negatives
Despite the lack of positives
Their positives are negatives



Inside my heart a thousand stars float gently in the breeze
The scent of love, though very feint, grows blossom on the trees
My sun and moon have intertwined and mirror what they see
As life inside this little place, it still inspires me


The Plinth
The Plinth

Let’s all chastise their fortune
We have to mock our fame
Then pour our hate on forefathers
Obsess with throwing blame

Inside my mind the statues fall
They smash onto the floor
Just longer lines of empty plinths
I’m not sure what they’re for
As talk of pride has long since gone
We are the self tamed shrew
Who this is for I’m just not sure?
I don’t think they’ve a clue
When all we had has disappeared
Where do my old thoughts go?
Replaced by spiteful reverie
With words that I don’t know

When all the things we ever did
Still blame the things we do
The empty plinths of mockery
They still won’t flatter you


Bean Hill Road
Bean Hill Road

The lightest dusting flakes of snow
Lay on the green grass floor
The evergreens are standing proud
As the hill hides many more
Two valleys I see to the north
The sky a powder blue
No clouds to float by lazily
A deer comes into view

It wanders round in front of me
Then chews the near ice grass
There is no sound, nothing to hear
Not even from the pass
Then nightfall brings so many stars
Coyotes howl nearby
Amidst the coldest cold of winds
Where nature seems not shy

This sanctuary for loving life
With outstretched arms of peace
My days on here are getting short
I wish they’d never cease
Goodbye Bean Hill my dear old friend
Again, you’ve filled my heart
With happiness and wonderment
Your natures work of art