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The wall I built

February 09, 2020

I wake up early, another day

Eyes closed tight, I start to pray

Pray for peace from up above

My open heart is craving love


Love to feel, love to stay

Take all my hurt and pain away

Away to a place far from me

Selfish people, just leave me be


I’ve built a wall to shelter me

Standing tall for all to see

Brick by brick, it’s built so high

Will it crumble? I start to cry


Tinged with sadness, filled with fear

Head bowed low, a falling tear

One of many down my cheek

Lacking strength, I feel so weak


People know just who they are

Inside my soul their fading scar

But I’ll walk away and fight the fight

Out of darkness seeking light


Warmth of the light, I feel at peace

No pain or hurt, a calming ease

Walking forward, I’ve left it all

Memories past, behind the wall


Tracey Clifton-Jow

Life Can Be Troublesome

January 13, 2017

Life can be troublesome, many burdens we fear

Who do we turn to? Who do we hear?

A soft spoken voice, his presence so near

Candle flames flicker, put out by a tear



"Oh Lord is that you"? I shout from my sleep

"It is my dear child, no more shall thy weep"

"Christ please help me, the road seems so long"

"Walking your footsteps will help keep me strong"



Emotions deep inside that put me to the test

"Guide me through oh Lord, and lay them all to rest"

As I walk along beside you no more shall I fear

"I died upon the cross for you" he whispered in my ear.


Tracey Clifton-Jow


November 04, 2016

I cant come to terms with what I've got
No one really understands
Well not a lot

I live every day in fear and dread
About what might happen
If I lose my head

I love those around me
My wife and my kids
But do they really know what I did?

A heart made of stone
That's what people say
But I love you more day after day

If I could just show you how I felt
I'd wrap my arms around you just like a belt

I can't come to terms with what this is
But one day just one day I might just say

I love you and I'm here to stay.

Ash Hickman

A walk on the wild side

October 20, 2016

As a man of great habit, I’ve always loved my morning walk,

Occasionally a friend would join me, and as we went we’d talk,

Round the pond, up the hill and back, that was our normal track,

The doctor told me, mate “loose some weight or you’ll have a heart attack”,

Then one cold grey morning I was feeling down and lonely,

And as I walked today it looked as if I’d be the one and only,

Then without a word and nothing heard one fell in step beside me,

A total stranger I’d never seen before, my heart was filled with glee,

Together we went around the usual route, not a word did he speak,

But greeting all in a friendly manner without as much as a squeak,

My hair was thin and silver almost going bald; yet his was thick and neat,

Spirits uplifted no need to talk at all, I just had to watch where to put my feet,

My heart was fairly pumping, my old frame warm and sweaty,

This mornings’ walk was swell, we’d made it back to the jetty,

At journeys’ end I was a feeling a little puffed, but greatly pleased and chuffed,

I turned to my walking companion, to thank him for his deed,

And as he left he almost smiled, wagged his tail, cocked his leg and peed.



Ted Belly

Beyond the Wire

October 18, 2016

Once more a quarter of a century

A lonely figure approaches the gate

That boy that became a man, me

Oh my heart it does exasperate


That barrier holds a new life

That barrier saved my life

That barrier my friend lost his life

That barrier behind me closes to strife


Once more a quarter of a century

That trials and tribulations it made me

That boy became a soldier

Oh what does it mean to be free


That barrier holds me

That barrier scolds me

That barrier scares me

That barrier closes on me


Once more a quarter of a century

Uniforms changed,

My body torn and twisted from me

My mind scarred with war, estranged


That barrier opens for me,

That barrier accepts me

That barrier closes behind me

That barrier vexed and fixed releases me

Richard Cave


October 17, 2016

They wheeled your tiny form into the light,

Attention centered just on you alone,

An hour when little minds should fill the night,

With sweet imagined whimsey of their own, 

But no! With long incisive stroke, the knife,

In surgeon’s hands cut deep from throat to womb,

(which will produce no offspring to give life),

Exposed your heart, still beating, to the room,

Your heart should have been won by love’s degrees,

Not excised, packed in ice and rushed away,

Yet logic overcomes the mind’s unease,

Your heart will beat again by break of day,

Your name, unknown to others, yet is bless’d,

In them you live, although you lie at rest.

David Borrows

I have done very many flying jobs all over the world. At one time I was working in Chicago and I often flew the organ transplant team from the University of Chicago Medical Center to harvest human organs, usually in the dead of night (when the OR is free from routine ops). As I got to know the transplant team, they began to invite me into the OR, initially to observe, and later, to participate as a member of the team. I was 'scrubbed in' for the removal of the organs from a little 3 year old girl who was brain dead following an accident at home. She was a tiny little blond scrap of a girl. This op, more than all the others, made a mark on me. I wrote a sonnet to clear my mind. Please forgive any Americanisms of spelling.



October 16, 2016


It visits us

The sound of hearing


Rory Smith


October 16, 2016

Born of an almighty explosion and cosmic chaos our beautiful planet earth,
Millennia passing and endless modifications with agitation and shifts galore,
A cooling steaming amalgam creates the paragon for all of life’s virgin birth,
Humanity as yet unseen but single cells erupting much like lava from the core,
Basic fauna timid yet desperate strain to spread and thrive for all their worth,
In the oceans and the land many changes, the flora too is coming to the fore.
Almost unnoticed the bipeds appear and in time we humans slowly evolve,
From caves to agriculture and industry begins our sad path to new prosperity,
In dismay the last century has seen our planet’s beauty and resources dissolve,
If left unchecked we greedy lot will swallow all the good in an act of barbarity,
Global recognition of extinction and dangers faced must sharpen our resolve,
Fearlessness and bravery now a must if the hierarchy is to lead us to posterity.
Creatures now disappearing for ever at an alarming rate, does anyone care,
Plants and trees trashed and burned, rivers polluted and our oceans spurned,
Madness abounds for wealth at any cost as progress creates a horrible despair,
Thank goodness my time is nearly done and I won’t worry once I am burned,
But please think of our children, to leave them no chance or future is so unfair,
Urge, impel, force even threaten if you can its almost too late now to repair.

Ted Belly

The battle of Armageddon refers to the final war between human governments and God. These governments and their supporters oppose God even now by refusing to submit to his rulership. (Psalm 2:2) The battle of Armageddon will bring human rulership to an end.—Daniel 2:44

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