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Whose coping?

Today I sit and ask who’d care?
For me and friends
This life we share
The lonely path on which we’ve trod
Our meeting others
Good or odd
Our loving laughter, days of tears
The fighting forward
With our fears
To wake amidst the morning war
Reflections of
The night before
We try to focus through the smog
Our mind now trapped
Inside its fog
Each day a battle just to live
Without a focus
The nowt to give
Our smile or message we’re ok
Protecting us
It’s just our way
Our overwhelming burdening
A sense of guilt
For suffering
For we the silent, stoic folk
Are empath people
Sadly broke
So please give us a little air
Some time to think
To find our flair
For you are always on our mind
Sharing smiles
With our kind
Let’s not have judgement or disdain
For all of us
Have inner pain
It’s time we listened, shared a smile
Thoughts of others
Every while
For all of us have needs of hope
Let’s all reach out
To help can’t cope



On a cold November evening
She sat at home alone
She wasn’t sure of who she was
Nor what she had become

A million tiny bottles
Tied to her weary mind
Each day she tied another there
Those bottles made her blind

I wish she’d smash those bottles up
Then turn thoughts into speech
So, she can cleanse her inner soul
Keep bottles from her reach


The Unknown Warrior

Frank is standing on my left
Whilst Charlie’s to my right
In front of me the ladder
We’re shivering with fright

The guns have fallen silent
I’m picked for the first wave
The Sergeant comes along the line
He tells us to be brave

We stand and wait the whistle
My sense says, go on flee
I’m scared of all the things out there
Of things they’d do to me

I have a bullet chambered
My Bayonets fixed on tight
Both hands are now all sweaty
I got no sleep last night

I catch a glance at Charlie
We hear the whistle blow
I’m climbing up the ladder now
I hope my nerves don’t show

I take just four steps forward
One mighty stumble back
Now I’m laying in the mud
I can’t hear the attack

Then silence all around me
My eyes gaze to the sky
Its then I see my whole life
It all comes fleeting by

Then suddenly in darkness
My senses fade away
I cannot feel my breathing
Inside I start to sway

Why can’t I feel my body?
My eyes nowhere to weep
My last thoughts are of mother
I cannot stop this sleep


Where did we go?

The darkened days preventing sight
Where all I see is hate fuelled smite
Where all I hear are vacuumed cries
Demands and blame inside those lies
As love and kindness fade away
Our human hate, now earths decay
Where envy hides inside the pill
You swallowed it to stop your ill
As all we had is all we’ve lost
Our love of hate, no thought of cost
Our sense of care now long forgot
As selfish thoughts now drive our rot
So, what of me and where am I?
Bemused, confused, no wonder why!


I'm burning up

I see the shell you sink into
It’s where you hide
From things you do
It’s where you bury
It’s where you crawl
To shelter from what could befall

Your blackened heart is made of steel
It’s bulletproof, and cannot heal
You see it’s warm, but that’s not real
The other hearts, are yours to steal

There’s something wrong, that you can’t feel
You mumble words, without appeal
There’s no between, there is no deal
Nothing can break, your Kevlar seal

My hopes are melting into you
They have no voice
No meaning too
For they’re not yours
You can’t define
You only scorn those things of mine


The bridge

We passed on the bridge
That long lost day in spring
You smiled a smile that captured me
That moment, when time stood still
Where sound became silent
The breeze no longer there
It felt just like a photograph
One where I could look around
Although Id no idea for how long
But I stood and stared
At that wonderfully vibrant smile
Before turning to walk away
Hoping that I might see you one more time
As I took those first few steps
The breeze returned
The sound of children and dogs
The smells of fresh mown grasses
I turned to look that one last time


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