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The Dark Wood

I’m in the wood, the darkened wood

I know not why I’m here

I can sense the warm of sunshine air

As the sun tries to appear

I can hear the voices, they are so loud

I can’t tell what they say

There are calming words amidst the din

They sound so far away

The mist so thick, upon the ground

It hides the thick decay

Things are moving around my feet

Could this be my doomsday?

My body sore, in so much pain

I’m struggling for breath

The air in here just seems so thin

This place just smells of death

I’d like to talk, to talk to you

I just can’t find the words

Its whilst I’m searching in my head

The wood fills with black birds

You shouldn’t come, come to this place

You must stand in the sun

Because one day I’ll find a way

A way to you I’ll run


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