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She has sunshine in her skin

She says some words in silly tone

She dances almost everywhere

She doesn’t really moan

She is a very classy bird

She is professional at work

She can be independent

She lives in her Network

She is like delicious pudding

She has a soft inner core

She has infectious happiness

She doesn’t like to bore

She is very active in her life

She likes her car a lot

She makes me feel special

She doesn’t see she’s hot

She likes high heel shoes

She doesn’t like her bum

She can be just like a cat

She has a lovely bum

She is a real stunner

She is a very rare find

She has an annoying friend

She is one of a kind

She has demure green eyes

She has soft and supple skin

She is just like an addiction

She even likes gherkin

She can text just like a demon

She has a funny dog

She cannot stare to save her life

She loves to have a jog

She thinks I do not love her

She thinks I am laid back

She thinks I’m still a soldier

She has my love attack

She is my darkest Night

She is my brightest day

She has all my stars entwined

She is my Milky Way


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