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A poem written by a friend about his friend Karl

Upon looking at my mate Karl hes a dominating man is he, with a Brian Blessed snarl, not the quietest man you see,

Upon looking at my friend Karl with a beard of shock white, A intellect with a sincere growl, with fierce abandon to the fight,

Upon looking at my mucker, Karl, His shadow is singular with no ego, His mind sharp and obtuse with a snarl, Looking for things to throw,

Upon looking at my comrade, Karl His idioms and manner, sincere, His heart golden and ready to unfurl, lies beneath a exterior masked with fear,

Upon looking at my buddy, Karl His bearing military and free, He would say his war is mental, His eyes like the surface of a pearl,

Upon looking at my karl Is a person honest and full of integrity, I would have no one else in my hurl, of war and peace in the city,

Upon hearing my friend Karl, the words and wisdom he, suspended from the cab with a swirl, beside him safe I will always be.

Upon seeing the veteran Karl,


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