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I’m in Kenya

For the Queen

The landscape here

Is quite serene

My job it seems

To fly quite low

To move the animals

Down below

For on the Ranges

They have strayed

They look at me

They’re quite dismayed

Giraffe and Lion

Cheetah too

Elephants, Rhino

Look up to

Someone wake me

From this dream

I’m like the Cat

That got the cream

I’m just so lucky

I’m quite dumbfound

I’m just 5 feet

Above the ground

But saddened thoughts

Of rifle sound

As a white rhino

Hits the ground

For far away

In distant lands

Are stupid people

With greedy hands

They’d rather have

Some ivory

Than see the sights

That I can see

Such waste of life


It must be stopped


I ask the world

To act with me

Lets give these creatures



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