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The box of bright colours

The lid draped in gold

The brightest of buttons

Is now looking old

You blow off the dust

Grasp sides with both hands

Thumbs on the button

Jack awaits your demands

Inside he is coiled

Alert on the springs

He’s waiting to jump

To see joy that he brings

You take a deep breath

And then hold it in

Press down Jacks button

Your mouth starts to grin

The bang you expected

Replaced by a crack

The lid slowly opens

But no sign of Jack

For Jack has an illness

He needs special care

The trigger response

Is not always there

But fear not for Jack

He just needs some time

His body now moving

He’s starting to climb

Now Jack sits aloft

On top of his box

His arms reaching out

As strong as an Ox

So don’t ignore Jack

He’d still like to play

Don’t push down the lid

Don’t lock him away


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