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2nd Class Hero

A second class hero

Is how I feel

For you cannot see

What I have to heal

No Kevlar, or bandage

Nor wheelchair too

In fact I look normal

I look just like you

You won't come along

You won't talk to me

It’s physical wounds

That you only see

You think I'm a fake

You don't want me there

My problems not worthy

It won't raise a stare

I don't blame the injured

For they are hurt too

I just blame you people

And your narrow view

It's really quite painful

To stay at the back

As I'm not a magnet

I just don't attract

So I will stay quiet

Avoid any glare

I'd like you to find me

And not leave me there

So next time with heroes

You find you have time

Look for the second class

It isn't a crime


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