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May 26, 2020

Cuddled up inside a hedge

The tiny creature sleeps 

It will not wake until it’s warm 

So sleeps til winter seeps 


That little lovely hedgehog 

Enjoys a summer night

But you might see it in a ball

When he feels a lot of fright


So if you see that hedgehog

Be as quiet as can be 

For hedgehog has good hearing 

But eyes not best to see




January 01, 2020

I wait inside my chrysalis 

No wings yet to unfurl 

The gentle breeze awaiting me 

No caterpillar curl 


I dream of flight amidst the sky 

To land on flowers bright 

My open wings to catch the sun 

Then close, to warm at night 


I’ll only have a few weeks here 

To dance in meadows green 

My colours will be wonderful 

I won’t be heard, just seen 


So, come on one life, change to two 

I want to try my wings 

Then flutter in the golden sun 

I’m treasure that it brings 




August 29, 2016

Sunshine fading, end of day

The heat of summer ebbs away

The dawn is moving, shifting right

Shorter evening before Twilight


No more children’s holiday

I guess that autumns on its way

Soon the leaves turn golden brown

Then weeks later all fall down


Darker clouds will fill the sky

Southwest winds will whistle by

Foggy Mornings full of dew

Salad days give way to stew.



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