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The Plane

March 16, 2016

The left wing falls

Perhaps the right

I’m falling fast

The harness tight

Controls are shaking


I cannot stop

I can’t break free


Round and Round

And round I go

I try to stop

I cannot slow

Ground is coming

Oh so fast

Not sure how long

This flight can last


My brains the pilot

And me the plane

To me it’s simple

To you insane

I can’t control

What I can’t see

This planes not real

Just fantasy




March 12, 2016

Its time for bed

But not for me

As I’ve a tale

To share with thee


I try my hardest

Not to sleep

The last thing I’d do

Is count sheep


For night time brings

A dreaded fear

Of people creeping

Around in here


It feels so real

For goodness sake

I cannot tell

If I’m awake


But now I feel

My body sink

It’s off to sleep

At least I think


The front doors first

I hear it break

The noise so loud

I start to shake


Something big

On the bottom floor

It’s really frightening

Of that I’m sure


My body frozen

As if tied up

And I’m an adult

All grown up


I try so hard

To wriggle free

But terror      

Has a hold of me


The crashing noise

Is on the stair

Climbing slowly

I know its there


I hear the doorway

It opens wide

And I have nowhere

Left to hide


Whatever’s here

I cannot see

But sense it watching

Over me


I want to scream

Or even shout

But cannot move

Nor get words out


Then it whispers

In my ear

Each night different

A brand new fear


And so I ask

Next time you sleep

To drift off calmly

And slumber deep


For things I’ve done

Won’t go away

At least not til

The light of day


The problem with

The things we see

They stay within

For eternity



Willow Tree

March 12, 2016

Willow, Willow, Willow Tree

We’re very similar

You and me


While others climb up to the sky

We stay quite low

And wonder why


We twist, we turn, we look so strong

But deep inside

There’s something wrong


We weep, we weep, we weep all day

We try so hard

To run away


But we’re both rooted to this land

And so I’ll stay

To hold your hand


Our arms outstretched and hanging low

We look so sad

Quite rightly so


But willow Tree I have your back

So we can stop

The lumberjack




March 10, 2016

I stand in Silence

I stand in Fear

I cannot see

I cannot hear


I’m not in Battle

I’m not at War

I’m simply stood

On a shopping floor


The people rushing

From here to there

They cannot see me

And do not care


For I am different

For I’m part dead

You cannot see

What’s in my head


I wake, I shake

I wonder why

And now its coming

And now I cry


I simply popped in

For some bread

But something happened

Inside my head


So please you people

Do not stare

Just pass me by

Til I’m aware


I need my time

I need my space

I can’t be normal

I’ve lost that race


Now don’t be sorry

Its not your fear

I can be normal

But not in here


I guess its time

To shop online

My friends say try it

You’ll be fine


But that won’t help

It just delays

The need to conquer

And have good days


So off to Tesco

I must go

Please lets have quiet

I do hope so



I cannot wait for God

July 07, 2016

My soul is dark and full of pain

Can you capture it

Enrapture it

Can you shield it from the rain

My heart is cold

My brain is bruised

My shadow gone

My mind abused

My burdens heavy

My life so lost

My back is broken

My soul the cost

My sight is blurring

My eyes lost sight

My feelings numb

My hands clench tight

My stomach burning

My lungs so bare

My body dying

My need of care

My soul is dark and full of pain

Can you capture it

Enrapture it

Can you shield it from the rain

Please shield it from the rain


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