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Hiding happiness 

May 26, 2020

Deep down in my poetry 

I see you hiding there 

Hating all the things I write 

Chastising what I share 


You want to hide all that I am 

To guard the way I’m seen

As you can’t cope with negatives 

Or things that aren’t serene 


As you’re the lie in all of us 

Pretending happiness 

As anything that doesn’t smile 

Is dreary haplessness 


So, hideaway and bitch at me 

Continue fighting misery 

Replacing words of memory

Whilst I record the things I see



Not what you want 

May 26, 2020

The cycle comes around once more 

Just why that is

I’m still not sure 

Emotion bouncing everywhere 

The good and bad 

The just don’t care 

To try to capture how I feel 

Is far too hard 

It’s so unreal 


It’s like my life has long since gone 

My body stays 

But that’s just wrong 

An energy that keeps it here 

A ghost it seems 

But not of fear 

Not heaven sent nor is it hell 

It’s stuck on earth 

An empty shell 


Fighting its unconsciousness 

So close to death 

In carelessness 

My eyelids heave, both up and down 

Each time they move 

It’s like I drown 

Not in water, more in space 

The darkened sense 

My falling grace 


This body mine, that takes its toll 

It’s long lost host 

It’s long lost soul 

Inside there’s nothing but a lie

That I’m so well 

That I don’t cry 

I know that you’d not understand 

This foolishness 

That I’d not planned 


For no one writes of things like this

They write of love 

Or ones they miss

There’s just no place for oddity 

Dismissive thoughts 

That I’m still me 



Willow Tree

March 12, 2016

Willow, Willow, Willow Tree

We’re very similar

You and me


While others climb up to the sky

We stay quite low

And wonder why


We twist, we turn, we look so strong

But deep inside

There’s something wrong


We weep, we weep, we weep all day

We try so hard

To run away


But we’re both rooted to this land

And so I’ll stay

To hold your hand


Our arms outstretched and hanging low

We look so sad

Quite rightly so


But willow Tree I have your back

So we can stop

The lumberjack



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