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October 10, 2016

The good are the weak

The bad are the strong

Well that’s what they say

But I think that’s wrong


The strong have compassion

The weak take no blame

The good are the caring

The bad have no shame


So the selfless are strong

While the selfish are weak

So when looking for help

It’s the meek that you seek




July 12, 2016

There’s a vibrancy of Colours

From violet to red

To see them on the gay flag

Brings joy to me not dread


There are different shades of human

But that’s not what I see

It’s what’s inside of all of us

That means so much to me


So lets embrace our colour

It’s there for us to see

Please try to see its vibrancy

And not its bigotry




September 07, 2016

I want it now

I need it now

Go get it now

Go buy it now

Go do it now

Must have it now

I’m entitled now

I don’t care, now

You’ve got it now

Everyone else has it now

Just leave it there, as I don’t need it now


My Window

August 24, 2016

My top floor window

A narrow view

It lets me see the sky so blue

A wave of clouds

Way up high

A hundred miles up in the sky

Lined up chimney’s

Atop each roof

Pigeons sitting all aloof

Just two tree tops

Quite far away

Dark green leaves gently sway

A single pylon

Brings power to me

The power that I need to see

Fourteen windows

All curtain clad

They make a house look very sad

Garden sheds

Just three to see

Never much activity

A single Magpie

He seems obsessed

Perhaps he’s looking for a nest

Now you can see

Not much to say

It doesn’t differ much each day

One thing missing

Missing from view

Oh yes my friend, that thing is you


Next time

August 22, 2016

It’s easy to be critical

It’s harder to be kind

Try looking at me a different way

Illuminate my mind

Everyone can see my flaws

But can you see my good

Try looking at me a different way

Just say the things you should

Don’t listen to the other folk

Our journey’s me and you

Try looking at me a different way

Have your own point of view

So next time that you get a chance

A chance to speak of me

Try looking at me a different way

Then try serenity


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