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So many men

September 08, 2016

So many men for you to see

They’re acting so dishonorably

They leave the wives

And children too

To seek a life with me and you


But these are men that aren’t like us

They treat their women as if cursed

They think those women should just obey

Then dress in sheets of black or grey


Why don’t those men just stay and fight

Stay and fight for what is right

To save their wives

And children too

To stop the pain they’re going through




July 07, 2016

There is a Police Force far away

Whose ranks are now in disarray

Yes its sad a man was shot

But judge and jury you are not

So please go home and pack away

Those guns and knives for me today!




March 22, 2016

A peaceful Tuesday

Off to work

The terrorists

Then go berserk


American Airlines

Their desk is blown

And Starbucks too

Is overthrown


Then more news

The Metro too

Another bomb

Or maybe two


Confirmed deaths

Have been displayed

I cannot breathe

I’m so dismayed


My feelings numb

I just can’t see

The need to kill



Religious Wars

They shouldn’t be

They have no place

Or Legitimacy


Belgium, Brussels

I say this too

That all of Europe

Is stood by you


We love you dear

You’re in our hearts

And Europe needs

To build Ramparts




April 13, 2016

What is the point

I just can’t see

I just don’t trust


Your party line

I do resent

It’s not my thoughts

You represent

Why don’t you ask

Before you deal

I’d like to tell you

How I feel

But worst of all


What’s good for you

Not good for me

A lifetime wage

A second home

The taxpayer

Can buy your gnome

Your skin so thick

It’s bullet proof

I guess that’s why

You’re so aloof

You’re arrogant

And pompous too

I shall not vote

Well not for you

I’ll bide my time

Perhaps one day

A better system

Can make headway

Avoid the questions

Tow the line

Your politics

So clandestine


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