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A poem for George 

May 28, 2020

Eight long minutes without air 

With cuffs to bind his hands 

A likely suspect for a fraud 

In Minnesota’s lands 

As four policemen played their part 

To bring about an end 

As George Floyd’s seconds ticked away 

They’d nothing to defend 



To Protect with Courage

To Serve with Compassion

The motto hides the truth 

The very core within those words 

Became the great untruth 



Eight long minutes without air 

His pleas for help ignored 

Is this the way to treat a man

Suspected of a fraud?

It matters not what skin we wear 

For we are all the same 

As George Floyd was a man like me

Now murdered without shame 



She died in her sleep

May 26, 2020

Another sorrow day today 

A kind friends’ mother 

Passed away 

Sat inside her house of care 

The virus left 

To hunt in there 


So, now I’m angry 

Yet again 

Astonished at this dreadful pain 

I’m so dumbfounded 

Full of dread 

Torn inside my broken head 


This sickening from inside out 

Ripped in two 

A futile shout 

Erupts inside, engulfing me 

Compounding thoughts 

With misery 


So, now I’m angry 

Yet again 

Poison thoughts run in my brain 

I’m so heartbroken 

Full of dread 

Care homes now so full of dead


Now this lockdown fades away 

I’m still distraught 

I’ve still dismay 

There nothing good for me to share 

The virus here 

So be aware 



Mid April 2020

April 30, 2020

I cannot see how to begin 

No beginning to an end 

My thoughts are kitchen cupboard bare 

This thing I can’t defend 


I marvel at the strength in some 

I sit and watch such care 

My thoughts consumed with everyone 

Whilst death hides everywhere 


I volunteer but nothing more 

So often trapped alone 

My thoughts are one of lifelong hugs 

Not trapped inside my phone 


I want to see you smile again 

To see you walking free 

My thoughts are with you round the world 

Stay safe please is my plea 


I’d like to thank those still at work 

Who work beyond nearby 

My thoughts are let’s be kind to all 

As kindness helps us by 


I simply cannot hold your soul 

Nor can I be your guide 

My thoughts are set to capture words 

Recording how we’ve tried 




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