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September 02, 2016

I have a friend called Cyril

He’s such a friendly snail

I always know where he has been

I can always find his trail


Now Cyril has a great big shell

He likes to call it home

So if he then gets bored with me

He can travel off to Rome


But when you have a heavy shell

It makes you very slow

As Cyril only has one foot

And not a single toe


Now if you see my Cyril

Please say hello from me

Then tell him not to go to France

As they will eat him for their tea




April 20, 2016

I have a little spider

That chose to live with me

She’s often in the bathroom

That’s where she hunts her tea


My lovely little spider

I’ve named her Emily

I wouldn’t dare to throw her out

She lives with me for free


For tiny little spiders

Won’t do you any harm

So next time that you see one

Don’t scream and shout Alarm


As lovely little spider

Just tries to be so kind

She eats up all the horrid things

That often you can’t find


So when you see a spider

Don’t throw it from your home

Give her a name and leave her be

So she is free to roam



Daddy Long Legs

September 28, 2016

Round and round and up and down

That daddy long legs goes

Where on earth it's going to land

Is something no one knows!


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