September 15, 2016

She’s all tied up

She’s feeling weak

She wants to be in pain

Her soft white panties

There to please

I rip their soft membrane

She’s no safe word

She has no clue

How much I might refrain

She moans at me

Entices me

I hit her with my cane

She purrs at me

In delight you see

She wants it once again

This time the whip

It hits her flesh

It’s driving her insane

I leave her there

Tied to the chair

I open my champagne

She wants to taste

She needs me now

I rattle on her chain

Her back now arched

Her skin so taught

The rope will take the strain

What happens next

You’ll never know

My secrets to remain


September 14, 2016

Not sure what you want from me

Can’t deal with your hypocrisy

You won’t strip me of dignity

Take a look in the mirror

But see what we all see

A person littered with debris

I think its best you leave me be

Leave me with my sanity

I’m not a project nor précis

Take a look in the mirror

But see what we all see

A person struck by jealousy

You’re just like Hepatitis B

Contaminating wantonly

I do not want disease near me

Take a look in the mirror

But see what we all see

Your perfect life a fantasy


September 12, 2016

The left wing falls

Perhaps the right

I’m falling fast

The harness tight

Controls are shaking


I cannot stop

I can’t break free

Round and Round

And round I go

I try to stop

I cannot slow

Ground is coming

Oh so fast

Not sure how long

This flight can last

My brains the pilot

And me the plane

To me it’s simple

To you insane

I can’t control

What I can’t see

This planes not real

Just fantasy


September 9, 2016

I met the devil the other day

He laughed at me and my dismay

He spoke of all the joy I bring

He so enjoys my suffering

Yet I don’t care of his domain

He isn’t real nor am I sane

I always try to put you first

Even though you think me cursed

Cos I can see things you cant see

The things that you take liberally

For me they seem so obvious

Some might think me dangerous

I think this poem has gone awry

It has no logic, nor reason why

Perhaps the devil is using me

Inside my mind where I can’t see


September 7, 2016

I don’t know why

It makes no sense

But Baby cries

They make me tense

They make me tense

So I stand still

It’s all consuming

That child’s shrill

That child’s shrill

It drives me mad

I bet your thinking

That’s very sad

That’s very sad

I feel such pain

Its electric current

It kills my brain

It kills my brain

Then I can’t see

I cannot touch

No hope for me

No hope for me

Ignore things heard

I try so hard

My ears disturbed

My ears disturbed

My brain bemoans

My only help

Those loud headphones


September 5, 2016

She peers behind the open door

The sound continues as before

She's staring down the corridor

But nothing there to see

It's then that it gets very cold

The stifling air seems very old

A smell that seems to be like mould

Still nothing there to see

She takes a footstep on the floor

It's something that she can't ignore

The cold crisp air is very sore

What is it she can't see?

It's then she hears a sudden sound

She's not sure where, she turns around

She feels her heartbeat start to pound

And now she wants to flee

But now she’s feeling trapped in time

A part of someone's else’s crime

But here's the twist within this rhyme

She's in jail for burglary


September 3, 2016

I have a friend called Cyril

He’s such a friendly snail

I always know where he has been

As I can always find his trail

Now Cyril has a great big shell

He likes to call it home

So if he then gets bored with me

He can travel of to Rome

But when you have a heavy shell

It makes you very slow

As Cyril only has one foot

And not a single toe

Now if you see my Cyril

Please say hello from me

Then tell him not to go to France

As they will eat him for their tea


September 1, 2016

Sunshine fading, end of day

The heat of summer ebbs away

The dawn is moving, shifting right

Shorter evening before Twilight

No more children’s holiday

I guess that autumns on its way

Soon the leaves turn golden brown

Then weeks later all fall down

Darker clouds will fill the sky

Southwest winds will whistle by

Foggy Mornings full of dew

Salad days give way to stew.


August 30, 2016

It’s not what you see

But more what you feel

That sense of enrapture

You’re heart there to steal

It will draw your attention

Then capture your gaze

You stare with contentment

Your feelings amaze

Your heart seems to stutter

Your muscles seem weak

That warm inner glow

That pleasure you seek

Such beautiful things

You shouldn’t ignore

Your mind needs that pleasure

It needs to adore


August 25, 2016

I know a little Ginger Tom

How strange his name is Bert

No friendlier cat you’ll ever meet

But sadly he gets hurt

Because other cats are nasty things

They like to use their claws

All Berty likes to do with you

Is pad you with his paws


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