Whose coping?

Today I sit and ask who’d care?
For me and friends
This life we share
The lonely path on which we’ve trod
Our meeting others
Good or odd
Our loving laughter, days of tears
The fighting forward
With our fears
To wake amidst the morning war
Reflections of
The night before
We try to focus through the smog
Our mind now trapped
Inside its fog
Each day a battle just to live
Without a focus
The nowt to give
Our smile or message we’re ok
Protecting us
It’s just our way
Our overwhelming burdening
A sense of guilt
For suffering
For we the silent, stoic folk
Are empath people
Sadly broke
So please give us a little air
Some time to think
To find our flair
For you are always on our mind
Sharing smiles
With our kind
Let’s not have judgement or disdain
For all of us
Have inner pain
It’s time we listened, shared a smile
Thoughts of others
Every while
For all of us have needs of hope
Let’s all reach out
To help can’t cope


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