Each year you hope will better last
As your dreams continue rolling forward
Your desires remain unfulfilled
Each new heartbeat replacing the last
That new smile causing a deeper line
Another sigh extends that ever growing frown
Every breath moving you further from the start
Each moment of sleep seeming less glorious than the one before
You worry when you’ve no need to
As you begin to understand
That nothing is ever as you wish
Nothing will ever match that dream
That your life is not measurable
It shouldn’t be one of comparison
Nor qualified by collectibles
Stamps in passports are simply stamps
It’s the memories that count a hundred fold
When you smile inside as well as out
When you can sense your soul skip inside your mind
As it dances amidst the recordings of the past
Whilst you feel a sense of love
Not a love for what you’ve got
But a love of what you’ve had


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